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Welcome to our 'Differential Technical Videos' Page - Learn all about the basics of Differentials & much much more!

'A video about our Ultra Build Spec', How Differentials work, , 'Differential Pegging', Heavy Duty CWPs vs Standard Ones, & Help understanding Changing 'Ratios'.

Ultra Build Specification Build Video How a Diff Works ! Pegging TIG-a-Thon Pegged Casing being made Understanding CW&Ps The effect of changing CWP ratios - A real life example.....0-60 was 18 seconds - Now Sub 13. Differences between a Standard LR 2 pin and a LR 4 Pin and a forged Cross Shaft All about Land Rover 4 Pin Differentials - Choices and Differences pros cons - more than you'd think ! Land Rover Front Half Shafts and CVs, differences Pros and Cons - and Technical Advice

Differential Locking Units 'Lockers'. How they work, ARBs, KAM, Ashcroft, Good & Bad points, weaknesses & issues of each explained .

This is typically what we do when we rebuild a Differential sent to us ARB RD56 / RD003 Pros and Cons ARB RD128 Pros and Cons The Ashlocker - Our No 1 Choice for a Land Rover Locker The KAM 'AIR yes AIR' Locking Differential - Strip and Explanatory Video The KAM 'Quill Type' Locking Differential - Strip and Explanatory Video Short / Long Nose Diffs ARB RD128 - Failure of Centre Tube Why ?... And what you can do to strengthen and avoid issue.

Lockers can have 'Achilles Heels' - We make a range of products to repair, strengthen & improve these issues.

The Essential protector for all LR Axle Casings - the Super Strong Xcess_Diff_Plug ! ARD RD03 RD56 Xcess4x4.com replacement Locking end flange RD128 Air Pipe Upgrade RD03 and RD56 Air Flange and Drive Flange upgrades Xcess 4x4 - Our New 'Pinion Super Flange' - Standard on all Builds ! Xcess 4x4 - Our New 'Pinion Super Flange' - DIY Fitting Guide Video Xcess 4x4 - Our New P38 / Shortnose 'Pinion Super Flange' The Making one - Part 1 Xcess 4x4 - Our New P38 / Shortnose 'Pinion Super Flange' The Making one - Part 2 xcess4x4s Ashlocker Tab_Lock Upgrade - Build Video xcess4x4s Hi Flow Washer Upgrades and Tab Locking xcess4x4s Pinion Bearing Oil Vane Upgrade

More on Differentials - Builds, Autopsys & Rebuilds of various 'Damaged (LOL) units. !

Overloaded Diff Time-lapse Diff Build ARB Autopsy Knock Knock - whats that ?...erm..about �400 Broken Pegged KAM 4.1 ? ...Autopsy - Not what you might think ! Pegged Casing Build Air Leak' Sir ? on your ARB RD128 ?.....But this is a new one on us ! Giving a seriously damaged rusty HD Ashcroft CWP one more life ... Split Nose 1949 Differential - A Rebuild more as a 'Project than a 'Money Earner' LOL ! Super Long Nose 1948 4.88:1 Land Rover Rebuild ! LOL !

'Xcess4x4' Off Road Products. Videos of many of the unique products we make. Also useful as 'How to Fit Videos' !

Xcess 4x4 Video of our extended range of Super Strong Plug Range Xcess 4x4 Video of our SERIES Land Rover Super Magnetic Axle Drain Plug Wash Wiper Conversion Kits - Information and Fitting Guide Before and After very visual Video RD128 Air Pipe Upgrade Xcess 4x4 - Twin Gas Ram Bonnet Opening Kit Our Diffs in Serious Action at King Of Britan 2017 with Moose OffRoad Our Ultra HD 'Removable / Bolt on' Differential Pan Cover Kit

We don't just sell our products - we use them. The 'Mille Rivieres' 4x4 French Event. 2500 Kms round trip. Proudly we won the 'Bon Amiee' prize too !

Steep Steeps Side slopes and Drops... Please get off here ! Little bit of Mille Riviere Rock Crawling Mille Rivieres Mud

*** PLEASE NOTE - All shipments to the EU EXCLUDE all Duties and VAT ***