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Welcome to our 'Differential Technical Videos' Page - Learn all about the basics of Differentials & much much more!

'A video about our Ultra Build Spec', How Differentials work, , 'Differential Pegging', Heavy Duty CWPs vs Standard Ones, & Help understanding Changing 'Ratios'.

Ultra Build Specification Build Video How a Diff Works ! Pegging TIG-a-Thon Pegged Casing being made Understanding CW&Ps The effect of changing CWP ratios - A real life example.....0-60 was 18 seconds - Now Sub 13. Differences between a Standard LR 2 pin and a LR 4 Pin and a forged Cross Shaft All about Land Rover 4 Pin Differentials - Choices and Differences pros cons - more than you'd think ! Land Rover Front Half Shafts and CVs, differences Pros and Cons - and Technical Advice Land Rover 2 pins vs 4 pins vs Forged cross shafts and why a Salisbury is sooo Strong !

Differential Locking Units 'Lockers'. How they work, ARBs, KAM, Ashcroft, Good & Bad points, weaknesses & issues of each explained .

This is typically what we do when we rebuild a Differential sent to us ARB RD56 / RD003 Pros and Cons ARB RD128 Pros and Cons The Ashlocker - Our No 1 Choice for a Land Rover Locker The KAM 'AIR yes AIR' Locking Differential - Strip and Explanatory Video The KAM 'Quill Type' Locking Differential - Strip and Explanatory Video Short / Long Nose Diffs ARB RD128 - Failure of Centre Tube Why ?... And what you can do to strengthen and avoid issue. What is the best Locker I can fit to my Land Rover Nige - and why Our 1000th Domex Upgraded Pegged Casing + Ashcrofts 10,000th Ashlocker !!

Differentials can have 'Achilles Heels' - We make a range of products to repair, strengthen & improve these issues.

The Essential protector for all LR Axle Casings - the Super Strong Xcess_Diff_Plug ! ARD RD03 RD56 Xcess4x4.com replacement Locking end flange RD128 Air Pipe Upgrade RD03 and RD56 Air Flange and Drive Flange upgrades Xcess 4x4 - Our New 'Pinion Super Flange' - Standard on all Builds ! Xcess 4x4 - Our New 'Pinion Super Flange' - DIY Fitting Guide Video Xcess 4x4 - Our New P38 / Shortnose 'Pinion Super Flange' The Making one - Part 1 Xcess 4x4 - Our New P38 / Shortnose 'Pinion Super Flange' The Making one - Part 2 xcess4x4s Ashlocker Tab_Lock Upgrade - Build Video xcess4x4s Hi Flow Washer Upgrades and Tab Locking xcess4x4s Pinion Bearing Oil Vane Upgrade The Strongest 4 Pin Differential centre you can get for your Land Rover Someone broke the strongest 4 pin in the video above 'A Bit' ...so we made it even stronger ! Terrafirmas New TF450 Long Nose E-Locker - Review and Customers Build Short Nose / P38 / 110 Rear Differential Casing Carrier Cap Upgrade

Interesting Videos on all things Diff related, including the most mind numbingly boring and truly amazing one on Oil - Oil is not just oil in 2022

Oil is not just oil in 2022 A LR Casing is not just a LR casing - there are loads and pros and cons to each ! Propshafts UJs and Sliders KILL Differential dead quick - check yours regularly - How and Why !

We don't just work on Land Rover Differentials, we do all sorts including Y61 Nissan Patrols and now even peg them !

Pegging a Y61 Differential - Certainly Sir So, you really want to run on 37s do you and not break things ? When you build a mate a pair of lockers and he just has to go try them out HF 5.125 Y61 CWPs from Dan Hickling - A Independent Test

More on Differentials - Builds, Autopsys & Rebuilds of various 'Damaged (LOL) units. !

Overloaded Diff Time-lapse Diff Build ARB Autopsy Knock Knock - whats that ?...erm..about �400 Broken Pegged KAM 4.1 ? ...Autopsy - Not what you might think ! Pegged Casing Build Air Leak' Sir ? on your ARB RD128 ?.....But this is a new one on us ! Giving a seriously damaged rusty HD Ashcroft CWP one more life ... Split Nose 1949 Differential - A Rebuild more as a 'Project than a 'Money Earner' LOL ! Super Long Nose 1948 4.88:1 Land Rover Rebuild ! LOL ! When you run 37s, you can expect to get big bangs n bils if you don't play very carefully ... Hello Sir ... Yes..... it's beyond repair sorry, ... No, We are absolutely certain ....

'Xcess4x4' Off Road Products. Videos of many of the unique products we make. Also useful as 'How to Fit Videos' !

Xcess 4x4 Video of our extended range of Super Strong Plug Range Xcess 4x4 Video of our SERIES Land Rover Super Magnetic Axle Drain Plug Wash Wiper Conversion Kits - Information and Fitting Guide Before and After very visual Video RD128 Air Pipe Upgrade Xcess 4x4 - Twin Gas Ram Bonnet Opening Kit Our Diffs in Serious Action at King Of Britan 2017 with Moose OffRoad Our Ultimate Pegged Casing - The strongest you can buy - Period

We don't just sell our products - we use them. The 'Mille Rivieres' 4x4 French Event. 2500 Kms round trip. Proudly we won the 'Bon Amiee' prize too !

Steep Steps Side slopes and Drops... Please get off here ! Little bit of Mille Riviere Rock Crawling Mille Rivieres Mud


*** All shipments to NON EU Countries EXCLUDE VAT and ANY Duties ***