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All Things 'Series' Land Rovers - Differential and Parts Page

On all Series Land Rovers, From the early Series 1 80' models through 2s and into 3s, more and restortaions are being done, and owners are looking for both quality and originality in the work they choose to have undertaken.

We have seen over the last few years this trend growing as we see more and more Differentials coming into our workshops, some just want the Differentials to be 'Solid and relaible', some want full rebuilds so they know everything is as it should be, and more and more wish us to undertake a full restoration and all groups are often asking us to re use as much as we can do - like the original bolts etc, so even when fully restored they are as original as we can possibly make them.

As an example the video above shows a full Rebuild on a 1948 Super Long Nose differential. This is pretty much everything we can do including repainting the casing and center in correct colours and positions when cleaned, reusing all the original bolts and parts, repolishing the CWP and rebuilding with quality bearings (we try to use Timken whenever we can but due to prices / rarity we also condider either SKF or NTN all of which are premier bearings). New Thrust washers new Genuine seal new Genuine lock tabs and anything else we felt could be best for the Differential.

However, customers do vary, from those who wnat the above to those who actually ask us NOT to repaint as they want to keep the patina and some in between, whatever your wishes are we will be able to accomodate, ring and chat to us - we love Series Differential refubishments !

Recently we also decided when the opportunity arose to purcahse a large amount of Series Differential Parts, the vast majority are Genuine LR, and includes Brand New Genuine 4.7 CWPs, drive flanges, seals, tablocks, Bearings, the early 'Bakerlight Type Fibre' Drive shims, Head and Tails pre and Head shims, new Original bolts, Newe Planet and Drive Gear sets, and more !.

With all the above happening we though it was well overdue for us to Launch a dedicated page 'For All Things Series', here you can lookat options for your restoration of Differentials, possibly even buy units already done, and in verious 'Grades' of work done (all work on each is fully listed), and also see parts avaialble to buy, and finally useful links to other companies who we know are trustworthy and we are happy to recomend.

So here it is - Enjoy - and fell free to ring and discuss any questions queries or specification of any work you would like us to undertake on your behalf

Series Differentials For Sale

Single Item


Pre-Loved Series 1 80' Super Long Nose 4.88:1 CWP 10 Spline Circa 1948 / Early 1949

About as rare as you can possibly get in the world of Land Rover Differentials, and if you know what this is - you will know it is !

As the header says it's super rare 1948 / early 1949 Series 1 80' Super Long Nose 4.88:1 CWP. Fully rebuilt with all new bearings but with an unbelivable amount of effort with UltraSonic Cleaning and Polishing, it also means it's pretty much all original other than the new Bearings and Seal !. ALL the bolts including even the split pins are ALL original. It's also correctly repainted inside and out, and even the Locking Tabs have been repolished and reused. It's in exceptional condition, and who knows if we will ever have another ?.

The bearings for these are unique, seriously rare and even harder to find the best quality ones vs pattern rubbish being palmed off on the unsuspecting- and as such, when you do find them - bloody expensive. Even if found in dire states these diffs are extremely valuable carrying a large premium. So not only are they expensive to buy they are even more expensive to rebuild properly, compared to any other Land Rover differential. I am not even going to consider the labour hours spent on it, so whilst the price may seem high (if so just move on lol ) it was definately not a profit maker!

More like a labour of love - and I do love it !. (it's badly affected my 'Sad' side :O) )

YES - we would consider a similar unit in P/Ex against this, but you will need to speak to us as the CWP alone on these (if needing to be replaced) are £900 + VAT !, so, these are not cheap to either buy in or rebuild !

It's now currently sitting on my office desk, where I admire it daily - sometimes even several times a day :O)

The price above is OUTRIGHT NO Exchange unit and No Surcharges etc required - but as mentioned we would consider a P/Ex Unit - Talk to us
( ...And as we say - but more so on this one - 'When this 'Has Gone' - it's most definately gone'..... and who knows if we will ever have or even see another we can buy...... )

Single Item


New ( From New Old Parts ) - A KAM 10 Spline Ratio 4 Pin Differential with New Genuine Land Rover 4.7:1 CWP

This is a pretty interesting Series Differential - We hve built this up from all new parts !.

The casing is a Aqua Blast cleaned Primed and Repainted Series Casing 'Split Nose' Type Casing (see Pic No 1) and has the required filler plug correct to this casing, complete with the bolt on Aluninium Nose cone, a Brand Spanking new Genuine LR 4.7:1 CWP, then we have fitted a Brand New / Old Stock Built KAM 4 pin 10 spline center with its hugely strong forged internal cross shaft.

There are few, if any 10 spline options to upgrade to nowdays, much of what is out there is in poor condition, so this offers a nice mix of new parts upgraded parts and yet from the outside when fitted it will look original !.

The inside is all upgraded, HD 10.9 Grade Crown Wheel Bolts + Nordlock Washers, upgraded Carrier cap bolts with 12.9 Grade Bolts and Nordlocks, all Timken Bearings and the inside is now seriously strong, but, on the nose cone we have fitted Original Series Bolts (all repolished) along with a new drive flange (upgraded seal) and new locking tabs etc to keep it looking all original when fitted !

Fabulous Blue Print (or yellow on this one) which shows the quality of these Old but Brand new Gearsets we have, Genuine LR and they show it - in both the quality of the build and the finished item

It's lovely, rare, and a bit of a one off, we doubt we will ever have another ...sadly

NO Exchange unit and No Surcharges etc required

Single Item


Pre-Loved Tru-Trac 10 spline ATB Differential + Brand New GENUINE LAND ROVER 4.7 Ratio CWP

Tru-Tracs are a high quality ATB (basically a Limited Slip Differential which works via 'Gears' Vs 'Plates ) and being high quality AND as with other 10 spline units - really expensive new. The big advantage(s) of 'Gears' over 'Plates' is they don't require adjusting like a Plated LSD does, also, Tru Tracs don't need the specialist LSD Oils which are very expensive, and need regular oil changes - far more than normal.

You fancy having a fabulous new diff in your series and with the added advantage of both increased strength AND exception traction - here you are - its a stunner !

Just keep it topped up and changed with EP90 GL4 or GL5 and thats it - it is pretty much, a fit and forget (EXCEPT oil changes lol !).

This is in exceptional condition, a genuine sleeper we bough which was found on a clear out as a long lost 'spare' from near 20 years ago, so as you can see in the pictures has done little work.

Built up with a GENUINE brand new LR 4.7 Crown wheel and Pinion, into a Series ' Split Nose' Casing. We have upgraded the INSIDE with more modern / better qulaity bolts throughout and with a full Ultra Build Spec, and on the outside we have repolished the Aluminium + steel ' Nose' but fitted original bolts and new lock tabs so it can be seen when fitted as being ' original'. However - on the build we have fitted our upgraded Super flange, which will scream out as 'Not Original', but, should you like this changed we can switch it to a period new sheild at no cost at all, just tell us.

NO Exchange unit and No Surcharges etc required

Out of Stock

Pre-Loved Tru-Trac 10 spline ATB Differential + Brand New GENUINE LAND ROVER 4.7 Ratio CWP

Here we have a really nice low mileage (been in storage for years) Dertiot 10 spline 'Auto=Locker'.

This has been stripped and rebuilt into a Split Nose Series casing (fits series 1 2s or 3s) with a 4.7:1 Ratio CWP (Standard Series Ratio) We have kept everything on the outside that is 'Visible' Original with new locktabs but repolished original bolts new dust sheild and new drive flange and seal, but the inside we have upgraded the CWP Bolts to FTC5150 Longs 12.9 Grade for more strength being its now a detriot !, and also upgraded the Carrier cap bolts again with 12.9 Grade bolts and Nordlock washer again for additional strength

Rarely do we get these units in this sort of condition, a really nice unit for not a huge amount of £s

NO Exchange unit and No Surcharges etc required

Series Differentials Parts For Sale

Single Item


BRAND NEW Land Rover Very VERY early Series - A 4.88:1 CKD 260006 Super Long Nose Crown Wheel + Pinion set - LAST ONE !

If this is what you are looking for ......you will know exactly what this is !

This is a brand new extremely early 'Super Long Nose' CWP set, with the 1st ratio used namely 4.88:1.
These are horrendously expensive, this offers a significant - saving and is brand new.

Perfect condition, and unless collected in person will be 'unbelivably' well wrapped and shipped - fully insured ...and then some - with tracking and signature at your end LOL
When its gone its gone - even more so at this price !

Good Stock


BRAND NEW Old Stock GENUINE Land Rover Series 4.7:1 CWP set

The Series LRs CWPs being 4.7:1 Ratio means if you need a new one the options are limited.

As Differential builders we know that there are no decent 'pattern' 4.7 CWPs out there, we have tried them all.
Simply put - they are ALL appalling quality mainly made in India, then rebranded and sold for differing prices by various retailers across the UK !.
They are all nasty !

However, we have now a number of GENUINE LR Factory 'New Old Stock' Units.

These are all as in the pictures, some are 'Military issue' from LR to the Military, and some are in Rover / Leyland / Unipart ! Boxes etc. All are Genuine brand new LR Units - boxes may vary LOL !.

As such these build really well, vs the pattern stuff (yes.....we have tried ALL the avaiable pattern gears - just don't is our advice ! ).

So, as to be crystal clear - We have put a few pictures up of the various types, as said all are Genuine LR issue, but the boxes etc vary between them, if you just order one / two we will send whatever is next on the shelf.....

But if you REALLY want one particular box for whatever reason ...then ring and advise which one you fancy ...either before of after you have bought and you can have whichever you wish for if that helps !

If you want a really good quality 4.7:1 CWP for your Series you will not regret investing in these !

Good Stock


BRAND NEW Old Stock GENUINE Land Rover Series - Early 4.7 Version with additional 'Ground Shaft Hole' on Crown Wheel

Not all the 4.7 Series LRs CWPs are eaxctly the same !.

When LR changed the ratio from the 1st differentials - the 4.88:1s to 4.7:1s the early version of the new ratio has an 'Extra' hole in the crownwheel and the Center body, these take a special 'Ground Pin' and nut and were made to improve the centering of the 2 units. It wasn't for long - as they soon 'Deleted' this hole - probably to save money !.

If you are rebuilding an early 4.7 Differential and have this version it is a higher quality solution. You can use the normal 10 bolt type - as above, but not the other way around.

Single Item


BRAND NEW Old Stock GENUINE Land Rover Series Crankshaft Pulley Vibration Damper Assembly Part Number 215935

Genuine Series Crankshaft Pulley Vibration Damper Assembly - Brand Spanking New and in a Genuine LR Part in it original Land Rover Box !

Only the one !. Part Number 215935 covered in the military wrapping (and a heavy coating of the brown protective wax you can see in picture 4 ! ) - which will mean its superb once you get it all off - erm ....which does take 'some' time !. But means its in fabulous protected condition from new !


*** All shipments to NON EU Countries EXCLUDE VAT and ANY Duties ***