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Customers Feedback on our Differentials & Unique Off Road Products

Hi Nigel, I am very impressed with the professional attitude, product and service from Megasquirt V8 Ltd and Xcess4x4.com. In the early autumn of 2015 I ordered a pair of 'Pegged' Front and Rear Diffs c/w HD Ashcroft Pinion and Crownwheels. At my request delivery was held whilst I arranged time off work. Nigel also fitted a pair of Ashcroft ATBs that I had sourced. Delivery was made on the day promised, the uprated items were fitted over a few days without issue, whilst I was overhauling most of the drive train.

The vehicle has been driven off road frequently since then in both 'pay & play' and greenlining , all I can say is what a starling transformation in its abilities. The combination of the uprated Diffs and the Ashcroft ATBs allows us to tackle off road obstacles with more confidence and the knowledge that the drive train is as robust as it can be. Well done Meagsquirt. Best Regards John Begley

Firstly and most importantly - THANK YOU, thank you for all your assistance, help and your products this year, first time in many years I have felt I have made a MASSIVE leap forward in the 4x4 world. Not only in reliability but in usability and performance. 1st Pegged diffs. you would not believe the weight off my shoulders with that. Then came Megasquirt. love and hate you for that.. but 99% love.

Secondly. - your Products + Advice, outstanding. Your attention to detail and your time to explain things has reassured me 10 fold in what I'm doing and what I'm buying. Yet to have a incorrect part or advice from you which is saying a lot in this day and age and more importantly seems defo NOT to be the norm from companies these days. Al Leonard IOM 4x4 Club

Yet again awesome customer service. I gave Nige at Megasquirt-V8 a 'difficult timeframe' to work to, ensuring the truck was ready to take on the Worst that the Welsh Xtreme 2015 had to offer. Nigel went above and beyond to ensure that my differentials were fit for purpose and wouldn't be a weak link in the transmission setup. We survived ! JW

Fitted the LUK clutch and your amazing release bearing into the 130. Fantastic clutch now, really nice to be able to open up the engine against a superb feel on the clutch. Can really feel the difference of your release bearing. THANKS CHAP! 'TJ' Nicolson

Finally getting everything sorted after an amazing weekend of racing. If you had asked me a week ago I could never have imagined coming back, winning the Legends class and also the diesel class!!!.... I would just like to say a quick thank you to all those who helped along the way. Pit Crew were amazing. Mike Robertson Alan Johnson LetzRoll Offroad Racing and Brian At AdsShocks, Megasquirt V8 Ltd, ....differentials were awesome, faultless all weekend which is unreal for a Land Rover differential! . Marcus Williams.

I Bought one of Megasquirt V8s Pegged Diffs, I drive (cough) 'Quite Hard' and managed to have a 'BANG' moment from the axle, I was sure I had blown up the Pegged Diff, and phoned Nige to be one of the 1st, if not THE 1st to be able to tell him his work had failed 'Ner Ner Ner Ya Boo Sucks I Win'. So I did. Unfortunately, on closer inspection the Pegged CW&P were OK, I had managed to Blow the entire ARB Centre apart, so saying that Niges Diffs are 'Quite Strong' is an understatement, they are immensely strong ! I had some sort of drive as the broken diff locked together, and upgraded it to an Ashlocker on Niges recomendations and had it all rebuilt, I have also put a stonger diff pan on the truck to keep bits from escaping so easily, all respect to the Pegged Diff system, and the service. Gordon 'Zim' Conway LR4x4

I've been using Megasquirt for a few years now on my full on challenge truck, I've been up to neck on a few occasions and it's performed flawlessly and performed far better than every other system I've ever fitted. Nige is' the man. Bought Pegged diffs too, all I can say is they are firkin strong (They seem to have survived me and Also King Of the Valleys 2012) ! - Oh - and I am 'The Man in the Lake' (Kirton) in the pictures here, 10 ways in, and for 45 minutes it seemed no way out, bonnet in and well under water in that time, never ever missed a beat ! Chris 'Twiggy' Booth

I got some of the magnets for the drain plugs for the diffs. I have one problem with them. They are so powerful it's a complete bugger to line them up in the hole cos if you miss it's hard work to remove lol...But on the up side they are great for hiding them all over Depeshs Landy lol I started a game of hide and seek the magnets ( p.s haven't found them all yet ) Graham Masters

Loving my new Xcess 4x4 bonnet gas strut kit from Megasquirt. Cracking Bit of Kit Barker . Cheers. Ali Read Austrialia

I was using Rover P4 diff, 4.3:1 Ratio, they were fantastic. but every 2 - 3 years I'd blow a ring and pinion. The plan was to replace it and then just peg them with my ARB etc.... But I decided to go to a more source able CW&P as finding Rover p4 diffs where becoming hard to find and expensive. Then my worry was shafts etc. using 10 spline there isn't a lot of options for HD shafts etc... (Come on manufactures) I had Maxi drive shafts and have never broken shafts and didn't want huge upgrade to 24 spine costs. Spoke to MEGASQUIRT V8 and both ARBs set to him, Came back fully refurbished, New HD CW&P 4.11, Everything chemically cleaned renewed + immaculate + Painted Casings, up-rated bolts everywhere, new bearings / seals / flanges everything replaced, you name it they were done. They arrived back to me, a lot cheaper than any other company that quoted me, and the customer care was absolutely incredible. And as for the Megasquirt ........... 'Oh we do like to be besides or in the seaside ....'

A parcel arrived today, and I looked at it and wondered what it was as wasn't expecting any deliveries. It was from a customer - Henry Webster of Friesian Racing, who we did a couple of our Special 'Pegged Differential' Builds for a while back. Inside the Parcel was a Freisian Racing 2016 Calendar (Now in pride of place in main workshop ) along with a note : "Hi Nigel, Just a quick note and a calendar to thank you for your assistance last year. We has a fantastic maiden season with the rebuilt car with a 3rd in 'Production Class' at the 'Rallye Des Cimes' and some very promising 'Top 5' times in the UK ! The diffs have been flawless even despite my throwing caution to the wind on both attempts at the infamous 'La Madeleine' Hill, where we were twice quickest production car . Here's to a Successful 2016 !"


*** All shipments to NON EU Countries EXCLUDE VAT and ANY Duties ***